The Scientific Academy for Service Technology

Cutting edge research in demanding projects
Turn your data into smart data and make your applications smart

The Scientific Academy for Service Technology e.V. (ServTech) is a non-profit research corporation that serves public-benefit purposes according to §52 of the Fiscal Code of Germany. Its activity is dedicated to the advancement of engineering science and education of service-oriented systems and applications.

ServTech promotes science, research, development, application, and qualification in the area of socio-technical systems integration and engineering, including the progress of smart data systems and applications.

ServTech’s activities include:

  • application-oriented scientific research,
  • advancement of assistance to young researchers in engineering science,
  • development, planning, and staging of scientific events like conferences and workshops,
  • on-demand vocational education and training in software service engineering, and
  • consulting.

ServTech particularly supports the work of young researchers through awards and research stays.

The outcome of ServTech's activity is made accessible to the general public through publications in specialist magazines, scholarly journals, conference volumes, and public lectures.

Technology Transfer & Education

ServTech offers on-demand seminars on current and upcoming IT topics.
ServTech organises and actively participates in dedicated workshops, summer schools and seminars throughout Europe.
ServTech publishes its scientific findings, innovative designs, and software solutions in specialist magazines, scholarly journals, and in conference volumes.


International Conference on Service-oriented Computing

ServTech is the main sponsor of this flagship conference in service-oriented computing, alternately held in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, including the Pacific Rim.


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