The Scientific Academy for Service Technology e.V. (ServTech) is a non-profit research association aiming to advance engineering science and education of service-oriented systems and applications. ServTech's activities include:

  • application-oriented scientific research,
  • development, planning, and staging of scientific events like conferences and workshops,
  • on-demand vocational education and training in software service engineering, and
  • consulting.

ServTech is the main sponsor of the flagship conference in service-oriented computing, alternately held in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, including the Pacific Rim:

The ICSOC conference series started 2003 in Trento, Italy, and celebrated its 10th anniversary 2013 in Berlin, Germany. ICSOC 2018 will be held in autum 2018, in Hangzhou, China. A Wikipedia entry summarizes the history of the ICSOC.

Since ICSOC 2012 we have collected statistics about paper submission and acceptance, which demonstrate the high quality of this conference series and illustrate in which geographical regions SOC research is particularly strong.

A column chart visualizes the number of papers submitted and accepted as full, short or industry paper per country and region, counting the origin of presenting authors. Mouse over a column to see details at the tool tip.

A geo chart depicts the same information on a world map. Just mouse over a colored country to see details.

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